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Best Sydney Walks

Wentworth Falls Hiking Guide – Walking Tracks and Lookout Points

Wentworth Falls is one of the most popular bushwalking destinations in the Blue Mountains region. The name Wentworth Falls refers to the famous 3-tiered, 187m high waterfall, but it is also the name of the town where the waterfall is located.

There are lots of different walking tracks to choose from in the Wentworth Falls area, some very short and others quite long and challenging. In addition to walks, there are also several lookout points spread out across Wentworth Falls that offer spectacular views.

Deciding where to go and which walking track to conquer in Wentworth Falls can be quite a challenge in itself. This hiking guide provides more clarity around the walks and lookouts in and around Wentworth Falls to help you plan your day out in the Blue Mountains.

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8 Best Walking Tracks in Royal National Park

Established in 1879, the Royal National Park is Australia’s oldest and the world’s second oldest national park. Originally named National Park, it was officially renamed in 1955 after Queen Elizabeth II passed through on her way to Wollongong during her 1954 Australia tour.

From coastal heath, lookout points and waterfalls to beaches, bushland and natural swimming pools, this 15,000 hectares large park has something for everyone. One of the best things about the Royal National Park is that it is very close to the city and very easily accessible, by car as well as by public transport.

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Hiking Etiquette (6 Things to Keep in Mind on the Trail)

Most of us love being in the great outdoors and hiking is one of the best ways to appreciate all the goodness that Mother Nature has to offer.

With the rise of Internet and WiFi in the last two decades, information about hiking trails is much more readily available than it was 10 or 20 years ago. As a result, hiking trails that were still undiscovered not too long ago, are now popular weekend destinations.

So with more people out and about on hiking trails, it’s perhaps a good idea to think about good hiking etiquette. The following things to keep in mind while on the trail often come down to plain common sense and having respect for our fellow hikers.

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6 Best Walking Tracks in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Established in 1894, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park is Australia’s second oldest national park, 15 years younger than Sydney’s Royal National Park.

Located only 25km north of the Sydney CBD, Ku-ring-gai Chase is a popular weekend recreation destination for Sydney residents as well as for tourists.

Measuring a generous 15,000 hectares, the park is characterised by thriving rainforest, rocky cliffs, mangroves, Aboriginal sites, picnic areas, secluded beaches, lookout points, mountain biking trails and various walking tracks.

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Blue Mountains Tours – Which Ones Are the Best?

— Our recommendations for the best Blue Mountains Tours from Sydney —

One of the most popular tourist and weekend-getaway destinations in Sydney and New South Wales is the famous Blue Mountains, a World Heritage listed area less than two hours away from Sydney.

Blessed with various exciting walking tracks, beautiful lookout points, enormous cliffs, deep valleys and thriving rainforest and wildlife, the Blue Mountains is the perfect spot to rejuvenate and appreciate nature at its best.

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of this popular national park is by booking a professional Blue Mountains tour. A day tour to the Blue Mountains is a great way to see all the highlights, especially if you’ve never been there before and you don’t have your own transport.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Byron Bay and Surrounds

Tucked away in the northeastern corner of New South Wales not too far from the Queensland border, Byron Bay is a popular beachside town that attracts a great amount of travelers each year. Despite its growing popularity and influx of tourists, Byron Bay has never lost its small town laid-back atmosphere.

Known as “Cavvanbah” by the local Arakwal people, Byron Bay and Cape Byron were named after Naval officer John Byron by Captain James Cook who arrived in the area in 1770. In the first half of the 20th century, Byron Bay quickly developed itself as a busy industrial port town, before it slowly turned into a holiday destination and surfing hot spot from the 1960’s.

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8 Best Walking Tracks in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is one of the most popular tourist and weekend-getaway destinations in New South Wales. Just over an hour away from Sydney, this World Heritage listed area is home to a large number of beautiful walking tracks, waterfalls, deep valleys and canyons, rainforests and numerous lookout points with breathtaking views.

Several different theories exist around the blue haze that often hovers over the mountains. It is commonly believed that this haze is caused by rays of light reflecting on dust particles, water vapour and organic chemicals emitted by eucalyptus trees.

This dense eucalyptus vegetation was also one of the reasons the Greater Blue Mountains Area was officially listed as a World Heritage site in 2000 by UNESCO.

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Cheap International Money Transfer to and from Australia

— Forget the banks and use online International Money Transfer Services to send funds to and from Australia —

It’s surprising that in the modern society we’re living in today, transferring money overseas from one bank account to another can still be so expensive and non-transparent.

Australian banks typically charge excessive fees for international money transfers and also give their customers the worst possible currency exchange rates.

Luckily though these issues can be easily prevented by using a specialised money transfer service that provide you with great benefits compared to banks.

OFX, HiFX and CurrencyFair are three of the most popular online money transfer services that can help you transfer money overseas without hassle and with the best exchange rates.

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