Chinamans Beach and Rosherville Reserve, a Quiet Little Paradise in Mosman

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Chinamans Beach is a hidden treasure in Sydney’s Middle Harbour. Unlike its bigger neighbour Balmoral Beach, Chinamans Beach never really gets crowded.

Rosherville Reserve, just behind the beach, is a quiet park area, perfect for a picnic or a barbecue.

How to Get to Chinamans Beach

Quite a fair bit of free street parking is available around Chinamans Beach and Rosherville Reserve. The park also has a small (paid) car park, which fills up quickly on warm summer days.

Various buses pass through Mosman from the City and Neutral Bay. Check the bus timetable on the NSW Transport Info website.

Chinamans Beach

While Balmoral Beach attracts thousands of visitors each day in summer, next door neighbour Chinamans Beach is a very quiet alternative, beautifully tucked away behind Rosherville Reserve.

The 230 m long beach is located in Mosman and faces Middle Harbour and Clontarf Reserve on the opposite side. The beach is bordered by rocks on both sides.

You won’t find any shade on the beach, so it’s recommended to bring beach umbrellas or tents and sunscreen. Rosherville Reserve provides plenty of shade though if you need a breather on a hot day.

There are no cafes or kiosks at the beach so make sure you bring enough drinks and snacks. There are lost of places to eat and drink nearby though, for example at The Spit, Balmoral Beach (only a 1 kilometre walk away) or in Mosman.

Chinamans Beach was named after the Chinese residents who organised market gardens in the park.


Chinamans Beach is the perfect place for a quiet swim. Swimming is considered very safe here (like most beaches in Sydney’s Middle Harbour) due to the very calm conditions.

Be mindful though that the water can get quite deep and there is a lot of boat activity further out.

Snorkeling, Canoeing or Kayaking

Chinamans Beach is also a great spot for water sports such as snorkeling, canoeing and kayaking. Best to head out to either the north side or the south side to avoid swimmers.


Fishing is a popular pastime in many areas in Sydney’s Middle Harbour. Fishing at Chinamans Beach is best done at the rocky areas at either side of the beach.


Chinamans Beach is not suitable for surfing. The beach is quite secluded, away from the ocean, so there’s not a lot of waves action.

Rosherville Reserve

The huge park area (around 3 ha) behind the beach is a beautiful and quiet oasis, the perfect spot to relax and to have a picnic or a barbecue.

With an abundance of large trees, there is plenty of shade to be found in Rosherville Reserve.

Rosherville Reserve at Chinamans Beach
Rosherville Reserve at Chinamans Beach

There is also a small playground where children can spend all their energy and the park also has modern shower and toilet facilities right behind the beach.


You can access Chinamans Beach via Rosherville Reserve which has a small path to the beach. Parking is available at the park (paid parking) and in the streets of Mosman nearby (free).

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