South Lawson Waterfall Circuit Walk

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The South Lawson Circuit Walk is an undiscovered and unpretentious bushwalk that takes in four small but very pretty waterfalls in the southern part of Lawson, a quiet town 14km east of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

South Lawson Waterfall Circuit Walk
Distance:2.5km (circuit)
Time:1.5 hours
Grade:Easy (some steep parts)
Dogs:On a lead

The town of Lawson

Located 14km east of Katoomba, Lawson is a quiet, historic town in the Blue Mountains with a population of around 2,500 people. Lawson has its own train station on the Blue Mountains Line.

The town was named after William Lawson, an English born explorer and politician who was the first white settler to cross the Blue Mountains together with Gregory Blaxland and William Charles Wentworth in 1813.

The original name of the town was actually “Blue Mountain”, which caused too much confusion for locals as well as visitors.

Walking Tracks

Besides the waterfall circuit walk in the south, there are some other interesting walking tracks to be found in the northern part of Lawson.

The most popular track on the other side of the Great Western Highway is the Empire Pass, a 5km bushwalk with several waterfalls on the way.

The starting point of the circuit walk is located less than 1km south of the train station along Honour Ave. The track is next to the former Lawson golf course, which is now a huge dog park.

The best time to do this walk is after a period of rain when the waterfalls are the most impressive. Be mindful that the track can get a bit muddy so be sure to bring proper hiking shoes.


South Lawson Waterfall Circuit Walk

The start of the circuit walk is well sign-posted at the corner of Honour Ave and Livingstone St. If you’re travelling by train, the station is located less than 1km from the starting point.

The map that you can find at the starting point is very useful as it gives you a good sense of where the waterfalls are located.

South Lawson circuit walk starting point

Although it’s a circuit walk, there are a few intersections along the way where things can get a bit confusing, so it’s a good idea to have a close look at the map before you start the walk.

The first intersection pops up around five minutes into the walk. To get to the dog park, turn right at this intersection, otherwise keep going straight. The first waterfall, Adelina Falls, is not too far away from this intersection.

Lawson circuit walk

After Adelina Falls, there are 3 more waterfalls to be discovered along this pleasant bushwalk: Junction Falls, Federal Falls and Cataract Falls. While not huge waterfalls, they are indeed very pretty and unpretentious.

All of these waterfalls can be accessed via little sidetracks off the main track. The signs are good, but it’s easy to overlook them.

Cataract Falls is very close to Honour Ave. Once you’re there, you can either return to the main starting point of the walk via Honour Ave or via the fire trail that runs parallel to the street.

Junction Falls along Lawson circuit walk

Despite the fact that this walking track has been around for more than a century, it is still very much unknown. The benefit of that is that it never really gets crowded there.

In addition, you won’t easily find any trash along the track such as empty bottles that you often see left behind at more popular walks.

Although not very challenging, the South Lawson walking track is actually a very pleasant and refreshing bushwalk with a somewhat authentic atmosphere.

Map of South Lawson

The loop has two starting points, both on Honour Ave. The best spot to park your car is at the little car park at the corner of Livingstone St and Honour Ave. If the car park is full, simply park on the side of the road.

Alternatively, the train station is within walking distance from the main starting point.

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